Spring Fling

Spring Fling

Hip Hop Red

Hip Hop Red

Crop shirt

Stretch skinny jeans

Jimmy choo pumps

Lips pursed

Clear aviator

summer beginnings

summer beginnings

White top

Pierre Balmain high-waisted shorts
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Timberland shoes

Ray-Ban ray ban glasses
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Trafalgar men s formal accessory
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Faux Fur

Faux Fur

Choker necklace

Fedora hat
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Body confidence

I came across this blog post and was in love. This young lady that wrote this post is wise beyond her years and her parents must be very proud of her. Not a lot of teen girls have such confidence in themselves and be able to share their stories. I wanted to reblog this on my end to share to mothers of teen girls and to teens that are struggling with their identity and finding themselves in this world.

As a mother of three teen daughters I hope they found this story inspiring to them as it was to me. Cause lets face it. If I were to tell my daughters to be confident they look at me as an old lady, but coming from another young teen they might listen.

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first post of 2017! I know, crazy right! I hope you are doing well and have had a great start to the year so far. Today, as you can probably tell from the title, I am go…

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Egyptian Makeup

Long before modern makeup and cosmetic companies were selling makeup to the vast majority. The Egyptians were one of the first to have worn makeup, as far back as 4000 BC.  Makeup was regarded as being holy and held religious and magical power. Egyptians wore makeup daily, which included upper and lower class. As tombs were being discovered makeup was one artifact found buried with those of the dead during the preparation into the afterlife.

The first known makeup used was called Kohl used as a dark eyeliner and mascara. Kohl was made by grinding stibnite. Red ochre, a natural colored clay was used for facial makeup, which Egyptians used to stain the cheeks and lips. Animal fats were also used for facial care. Kohl and red ochre are still used in many parts of the world which, includes Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Kohl has medical uses as well, although the Egyptians viewed it only as magical. Kohl has antibacterial properties in it.  Lining the eye with Kohl would stop eye infections caused by the flooding of the Nile. Kohl rubbed on the body also helped with the body’s immune system. The soot in Kohl also stopped the sun’s glare on the eyes when the lower class was working out in the field.

Cosmetic palettes and jars were discovered in upper-class tombs. These palettes were used to grind makeup. Many took on the shape of animals as a sign of a hunt. One famous known palette is the Namer palette. Later on, Egyptians developed palettes in a fish shape. The shape of a fish was a symbol of resurrection and a new lie.

Who wore makeup? Both men, women, and from every social class. The difference was apparent between the two classes, however. As the upper class was able to afford high-end products from traders. They were able to lighten their skin. As the upper class were not the working class and were not exposed to the sun. Their appearance was that of lighter skin. Pale skin showed their status and was achieved by using creams and powders. As the lower class still wore makeup. They wore the traditional Kohl around the eyes to protect the sun’s glare and show religious tribute. Unable to afford creams and powders known to the upper class. Makeup was subtle.

As the world evolves and changes, so does makeup and those that wear it. Social classes have become blended as makeup is more obtainable to everyone but still can hold a social stance. Makeup in today’s society is also used medically or cosmetic as we now can get makeup tattooed for a more permanent look. Today women and men wear makeup to hide blemishes, scars and other imperfection seen on the skin. We might not share the same beliefs about makeup as the Egyptians, but we can all agree that makeup in all its glory makes us happy and beautiful.

Decades Of Makeup

Makeup has changed over the last 10 centuries. It was fascinating when I started to do my research on this subject. Since history makeup as been a huge part of society. Of course when we are talking Egyptian time. I’m sure there was no beauty store you could run to for your favorite cosmetics. However, history as shown that makeup was worn not only by women, but by men to show stature. So here is a quick look at how makeup changed throughout the decades.


The Roaring 20s is what this decade was known for. The Jazz seranaded nightclubs. Women’s makeup stood out as they were moving into more independence and feminism. Women wore dark lipstick mainly reds to create a cupid heart shape on lips. They used wax for their eyelashes. Light rose rues were on the cheeks.



Known for the Great Depression and WWII. Makeup was more subtle as women preferred more light tone foundations to brighten up their face and rouge for their blush. Rose hue tones were used on the lips. Eyeshadow had more colors which included, blues, purples, and greens. Thin eyebrows were fashionable than by using an eye pencil.


Women were no longer looking for thinner lips. They wanted a much fuller lip look and took lip liner to fill in. Red was the color of chioce in lipstick. The brighter the red the better. It made women feel young and healthy.



Marilyn Monroe, Natalie Wood, Grace Kelly, and Elisabeth Taylor graced the movie screen. This decade was the beginning of models. Foundation was flesh toned, and although red lipstick was still a hit more rose color lipstick started to appear. Creams were created and skin improvement care was taking off. Eyeshadows were pastels with shimmer and women started the cat eye-line look. With the creation of the eye curler when were able to have longer looking eye lashes.


Hippies, Woodstock, The Beatles, and Janis Joplin. The flower power child was born. The 60s were all about the eyes. Models like Twiggy took the cover of magazines and with those vibrate eyes you could drown in them. Although the cat eye look didn’t make it into the 60s. Mascara was on the rise for both the top and bottom lashes. Fake eye lashes were also applied. . Lip still use subtle and neutral in color.



From Hippies to Lets go to the disco. Women in the 70s were fighting for equality and independence and wanted less color in makeup. The trend of makeup wasn’t over with. Disco clubs popping up on every corner women dressed for show and their makeup was no different. With eyeshadows that had shimmer and took on more colors. However, the blush and lips stayed more natural looking. Women during the 70s were not the only ones wearing makeup. Men such as David Bowie took center stage full of makeup.



This decade was made a statement. From fashion to makeup.  Women went bold in the 80s and didn’t care what anyone had to say about it. It was big or go home. Women like Madonna and Cyndi Lauper paved the way for the makeup and the fashion industry in the 80s. The word paint your face was born. With heavy eyeliner and bright eyeshadows that covered the entire eyelid and beyond. The colors were vibrate. With bright pink blush to flash off those cheeks.From dark black lipstick to dark red lipstick. There was a rainbow of colors to chose from. Men wanted in on the fun as well rock bands like Twisted sister and Poison were all full of makeup.


Grunge makeup was born. Lip liner was a fav and instead of blending it in with lipstick the look was to see the lip liner.  Makeup was subtle other than the lip liner. Eye brows took on either a more natural look or drawn in high arch look. Glitter was in as well and you can frost your lips for the first time ever in this decade.


The early 2000s there was still a need for glitter. However there was a slight shift in colors. With darker hue lipsticks and darker colored eyeshadows being used. Bright was out. Earth tone colors took form and created a more natrual look. Pink was still a popular color on the lips and cheeks. And that dang lip liner was still visible.


From glitter eyeshadow to glitter lipstick. Glitter doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. The new rave in makeup is the abilit to fill in your eyebrow. Eye pencils are rarely used as brushes designed to give you fuller eye brows have been created. Contouring, highlighting, and baking the face is not for drag queens anymore honey. Makeup now has become so defined, with unlimited options. From changing the shape of the  nose and cheek by defining it with contour and highlight. Women love to go bold with shimmer (glitter) eyeshadows and lipsticks in every color imagiable. Grandma’s makeup is long gone.

Looking through the decades, makeup has shifted in so many directions. Cosmetic companies will sure keep pushing the envolope and create more ways women can PAINT their faces in the future. As a multi-billion dollar industry I doubt it is going anywhere soon.